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Six Sigma Training

Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt

There are many different levels of skill in applying the tools of Six Sigma. Do you want to apply for a specific level and type of certification? We can help you master the ASQ Body of Knowledge to prepare you to sit for the highly regarded ASQ Certification exams. Certification is also possible through various professional and universities sponsored programs. We can provide guidance as to which direction may best suit your needs.


Lean and Six Sigma

Increase the scope of improvement by linking these two powerful methodologies

Lean focuses on ways to make the process more efficient by removing unnecessary steps and streamlining the ones that add value. Lean assists in improving cycle time, reducing costs and concentrating on those things which the customer values the most. When Lean is combined with the power of Six Sigma to improve quality and reduce defects even greater gqains can be achieved.


Quality Systems Review

What is required to move to the next step?

Are you ready to consider ISO certification? Is this the best use of your resources at the present time? What will be required to maintain and update your ISO system once it is in place?

Should you consider applying for the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige Award? Can you benefit from the lessons shared by other Baldrige winners?