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Improvement Techniques

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Six Sigma

Learn more about the DMAIC approach championed by GE and others


Simplify the process by removing non value added steps

Applying the Appropriate Tools to Improve any Business or Process

Data Resource Systems is dedicated to providing quality expertise to businesses and organizations for the purpose of improving processes and work systems to make them more timely, efficient, and cost effective.

We will provide you with a variety of customized, personally delivered options, all at a reasonable cost, and delivered at your facility. Much of our work involves combining the streamlined approaches of Lean (LEAN) with the rigors of Six Sigma (Six Sigma).

Whether you are interested in Six Sigma, ISO 9000, applying for the Malcolm Baldrige Award or merely want some problem solving assistance, we can help.

Bradford C Reynolds

PE, Master Black Belt, CQE.

Brad possesses more than 34 years of experience with  quality systems and processes at a Fortune 50 Corporation and as a consultant to industry, the government, and military. He has implemented Lean Six Sigma and is a fully licensed Professional Engineer, a Certified Quality Engineer, and Master Black Belt. He has served an Examiner for the US Senate Productivity and Quality Award for the State of Virginia

One Source Solutions

Without a plan and sense of direction its hard to navigate through all the options for improvement

Quality Management Systems

ISO locks in improvements and Balrige shares best practices

6 Sigma Lean QMS